Capture your restaurant branding in a fully customizeable restaurant branded app.   Allowing your customers to download from apple store or google play store and order direct to your restaurant kitchen.

Slot allocation and pre orders

Designed for restaurants, by restaurants.
Res2Go is designed to allow restaurants to transition from sit down diners, to both dining in and delivery service, side by side, allowing you full control and giving you two revenue streams simultaneously


At Res2Go we don’t believe in taking commissions from our customers. With a flat monthly free at a very affordable price, its easy to see why Res2Go is the solution for your online delivery hospitality needs.

Tired of paying high commisions to big branded companies?
Res2Go is the complete solution to put the control back into hospitalities hands

Its no hidden secret that the big companies such as JustEat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and more take high commissions and have no solutions to help restaurants alike.  Res2Go combines the positive features of these, mixed with industry experience to offer you a solution to pave your own path in the post covid world.


Have full control of kitchen demand with our slot allocation ordering system. Choose how many orders you like to receive individually for each 15 minute slot of service.  Fully booked Saturday from 7pm onwards? Set your order slot quantity in advance.  Open up more slots during quieter times to maximise kitchen productivity and revenue.

Pre order

Much like a restaurant operates booking tables in advance. We bring this capability to the delivery world with an amazing Pre order function. Got a birthday next month? Customers can now book their takeaway to be delivered the exact day and time they require in advance. Couple this with our slot system could mean that restaurants will know in advnace what orders, times, and delivery drivers they will require for the service shift ahead.  This can cut wastage costs in not only food but staff allocation also.

custom delivery radius and exclusive postcodes

Define the areas you’d like to offer for delivery by setting a custom delivery radius along with any unique postcodes you would like to include outside of the radius.  This allows you to fully target the areas around your business.  Outside the radius? Res2Go will automatically direct your customers to the Click n Collect service which works in tangent with the slot based system allowing your kitchen to run smoothly wether it be a delivery or collection


Receive your funds instantly.  Res2Go is fully integrated with Stripe  and PayPal allowing your customers to pay with major debit, credit cards or UK bank account 

Your complete driver solution package

Res2Go takes the pressure of driver logistics into its own hands allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Driver & Order Tracking

Have your drivers download your branded driver app allowing management to see how many drivers are available. Have full control with driver tracking allowing you to locate your drivers at any one time.  Customers will also have the ability to track their deliveries being notified all the way when their food is being prepared to arriving at their door.  

Driver Wallet

Incentivise your drivers the best possible way. Customize delivery charges based on postcodes.  With each transaction going straight to your drivers wallet.  Drivers collect delivery charges live on shift with the Driver wallet. Keeping them informed of their daily revenue totals.  Run reports of daily/weekly to make payroll a simple process.  Dont want to pay drivers per drop off?  We also offer a £ per mile rate as well.

Sat Nav and Route Planning

Do you have multiple orders on one delivery route?
Res2Go will calculate the best possible route for multiple drop offs based on traffic and distance meaning drivers will be working at optimal efficiency.  With Google Nav integration Res2Go will keep your drivers on the road and organized and also keep your customers informed of the whole process.

Competitor Pricing and Commissions
Based on £8000.00 per week revenue


per transaction
  • £1,120 commission charge
  • £100+ in promoted placement per week to get yourself situated towards the top of the list (per postcode) average of 3
  • £224 – 20% VAT on invoice
  • £150 – Service charge per order of 50p (average 300 orders)
  • Restaurant to organize own couriers


per transaction
  • £2,400 commission charge
  • Customer fee of up to £3.50 per transaction
  • £100+ in promoted placement per week to get situated towards the top of the list (per postcode) average of 3
  • £480 – 20% VAT on invoice
  • + Provides Couriers


35% per transaction
  • £2,800 commission charge
  • £100+ in promoted placement per week to get situated towards the top of the list (per postcode) average of 3
  • £560 – 20% VAT on invoice
  • Customer fee
  • + Provides couriers


Zero Commission set monthly fees.  Allowing restaurants to take control of their profits.

food ordering user app
£ 79 .99

per week

  • Custom Branded App
  • Orders direct to kitchen
  • Commission free
  • Driver Logistics app
  • Route grouping/ Step by step navigation
  • Tablet and printer combo
Ordering & driver app
£ 125 £ 109 .99

per week

  • Custom Branded App
  • Orders direct to kitchen
  • Commission free
  • Driver Logistics app
  • Route Grouping / Step by Step Navigation
  • Tablet and Printer combo
both apps with tablet printer
£ 149 .99

per week

  • Custom Branded App
  • Orders Direct to Kitchen
  • Commission free
  • Driver Logistics App
  • Route Grouping/ Step by Step Navigation
  • Tablet and Printer combo


Heres what our customers have to say

Michael Madani – OG LTD

“Res2Go has put the power back into my own hands. I will now have two streams of revenue that is allowing my business to grow at a faster rate even during the economic downturn”

-Olive Garden Standish

Missing Link 

When Res2Go approached me with a software solution to save the future of hospitality and be involved in an ever growing food delivery industry, i just knew i wanted to be apart of something big”

Head Chef

Working during the pandemic i always wondered how we could expand on the hard work of establishing a delivery service along with re opening the restaurant. Res2Go has made it a fool proof transition. Its a no brainer.

Our team

Phil Heyworth


Michael Madani